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Childs Staff

Childs Elementary Staff 2013 - 2014


Jeff Petzak - Principal petzak@lincolnk12.org
Lori Kaspala - Secretary kaspala@lincolnk12.org
Shannon Kettlewell kettlewell@lincolnk12.org
Cindy Throne throne@lincolnk12.org

First Grade

Catherine Champagne champag@lincolnk12.org
Debby Seaton seaton@lincolnk12.org
Martha Vendittelli vendittelli@lincolnk12.org
Janet Rickle rickle@lincolnk12.org

Second Grade

Lori Richert richert@lincolnk12.org
Jennifer Cherry cherry@lincolnk12.org
Kristen Greene greene@lincolnk12.org
Alex Clarke claekea@lincolnk12.org

Third Grade

Jennifer Baldwin baldwinj@lincolnk12.org
Rory Peterson petersr@lincolnk12.org
Rochelle Sancho sancho@lincolnk12.org
Candace Waller waller@lincolnk12.org
Fourth Grade
Lisa Brower brower@lincolnk12.org
Patricia Luckscheiter lucksche@lincolnk12.org
Deborah Duncan duncan@lincolnk12.org
Jennifer Wheaton-Sloan sloan@lincolnk12.org
Fifth Grade
Mark Holderith holderith@lincolnk12.org
Michael Hotchkiss hotchkis@lincolnk12.org
Troy Hansbarger hansbarger@lincolnk12.org
Suzanne LaFrance lafrance@lincolnk12.org
Jennifer Daviddi daviddij@lincolnk12.org
Support Staff
Donna Ellis - Teacher Consultant ellis@lincolnk12.org
Greg Brown - Teacher Consultant browng@lincolnk12.org
Vickie Donnelly - Resource Room donnelly@lincolnk12.org
Jessica Stoops - Resource Room stoops@lincolnk12.org
Joanne Proudman - Resource Room proudman@lincolnk12.org
Jamie Lapham- Social Worker laphamj@lincolnk12.org
Stacey Griffiths - Speech griffithss@lincolnk12.org
Jennifer Bradley - Speech bradleyj@lincolnk12.org
Kitty Heiss - Nurse kheiss@lincolnk12.org
Susan Hopkins - Psychologist hopkins@lincolnk12.org
Amy Baxter - At Risk baxter@lincolnk12.org
Janice Luther - Occupational Therapist lutherj@lincolnk12.org
Sheryl Calder - Physical Therapist calders@lincolnk12.org
Amanda Pringle - ESL pringle@lincolnk12.org
Johanna Mabry - Behavior Specialist mabryj@lincolnk12.org
Megan Calkins- ESL calkinsm@lincolnk12.org
Judy Yeaney - Media yeaney@lincolnk12.org
Pam Robbins - Music robbins@lincolnk12.org
Steve Mussio - Phys. Ed. mussio@lincolnk12.org
Jean Hammonds - Tech. Ed. hammondj@lincolnk12.org
Laura Angel - Art angel@lincolnk12.org
Charlotte Allum allum@lincolnk12.org
Sandy Black black@lincolnk12.org
Patty Brohl brohl@lincolnk12.org
Susan Buntine buntin@lincolnk12.org
Denise Campbell campbelld@lincolnk12.org
Karen Cohen cohen@lincolnk12.org
Sandy Gilleran gilleran@lincolnk12.org
Sue Harwood harwood@lincolnk12.org
Kelly Horne hornek@lincolnk12.org
Wendy Johnson johnsonw@lincolnk12.org
Sally Noud nouds@lincolnk12.org
Katherine Pauley pauleyk@lincolnk12.org
Vonda Roll roll@lincolnk12.org
Tammy Romanini romanini@lincolnk12.org
Marci Shine shine@lincolnk12.org
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